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Tasmania’s East Coast has a temperate maritime climate, with mild average temperatures and four distinct seasons. Tasmania’s average maximum summer temperatures range between 17 and 23°C (62-73° F) with winter temperatures of between three and 11°Celsius (37- 51° F).

The weather on Tasmania’s east coast is often milder than other parts of the island, thanks to the moderating influence of the ocean. Here, you’ll enjoy long summer days, crisp, clear winters, mild autumn weather and the vibrant freshness of spring.

As with all of Tasmania, weather conditions can change quickly, you may really see four seasons in one day so make sure you’re well equipped with adequate clothing, sun and rain protection, and check local weather reports before you travel.

For detailed local weather reports and forecasts, visit:

spring on the east coast

summer time on the east coast tasmania

As the days grow longer on their journey towards summer, the east coast landscape starts to come alive. Flowers are bursting from roadsides, lambs start to arrive and new growth gleams on hillside vineyards and fields. The sun sparkles off the sea, east coast towns are humming with the energy of the new season, and the gentle curves of the road are uncrowded. (More here)

September to November Temperatures between 7°C and 18°C.

Top 3 things to do in Spring

        1. Go camping – camp fires are more often allowed!
      1. Visit a vineyard and check out the new buds
      2. Fewer people and mild temperatures make this a perfect time to go walking


summer on the east coast

Summer is a time of celebration on the coast.  There is a definite feeling of festivity.  Families are unwinding, little ones are making the most of school holidays, couples are romancing and everybody you meet is having a great day.

While average temperatures are between 12°C and 24°C,  heat waves can take the temperature well into the 30°C’s and occasionally over 40°C. (More here)

Average temperatures are between 12°C and 24°C

Top 3 Things to do in Summer

  1. Go to the beach, stay there… all day. (Take sunscreen)
  2. Spend the day on the water, kayak, cruise, fishing, surfing, paddle board. (Take sunscreen)
  3. Go for a bike ride, then go for a swim.  St Helens Mountain Bike trail, where you can literally ride from the mountain to the sea. (Take sunscreen)



autumn on the east coast

autumn time on the east coast of tasmaniaYou will love the mild temperatures that reign supreme during this period.  The days are starting to get shorter, creating space to enjoy cosy night time rituals, but still long enough to immerse yourself in exploration.  Vineyards are absolutely spectacular, turning from  full lush green to yellow and gold.  The light starts to soften, changing the landscape from blazing summer to wholesome harvest, and it’s quiet again, the work and school year is well under way.

March to May Temperatures between 9°C and 21°C.

Top 3 things to do in Autumn

  1. Visit a vineyard, or 3, or 8….
  2. Pack a picnic, talk a walk; beach, bush, mountain – you choose.
  3. Watch the sun set – it happens earlier now so you can still have an early night.

winter on the east coast

winter on the east coast tasmaniaThere’s something about reaching the winter solstice that can spark a yearning for a little mid-year holiday.

Weather on the coast leans strongly toward mild, the frost still sets in from time to time, but it melts away quickly, making space for glorious sunny days, with a crispness in the air that makes for perfect adventuring, or just meandering. (More here)

June to August Temperatures between 6°C and 15°C.

Top 3 things to do in Winter

  1. Watch the sun rise – it’s coming up at a reasonable hour now and the colours are spectacular.
  2. Book a cosy accommodation and read a good book – when was the last time you just sat?
  3. Keep your eyes on the water and see if you can see some whales.

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